Join us at our monthly meetings which are held the second Tuesday of each month, at 6:00PM at the Southeastern Railway Museum at 3595 Buford Hwy., Duluth, GA

Special note of thanks

Thank you to the Southeastern Railway Museum for hosting The Duluth Historical Society and our Museum displays. They spent several selfless months working out all the details to provide a positive experience for us and our visitors.

Thank you to the City of Duluth for all their support. Also, we say thank you to the Duluth Art League for giving us the opportunity to be part of their Art Week.
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Duluth’s First Families

Are you and your family one of Duluth’s First Families?  Do you want to know if you are?  We need your help in identifying these families.  This is your invitation to get started.  It’s as simple as 1, 2, and 3. Download the interview questionnaire. Form


New Program

Walk Into History - aka Duluth History Brick Program. Duluth is changing. Duluth is growing.  Duluth is moving onward and forward.  You are what makes Duluth what it is today, and may be one who has contributed and participated in the changing scene. Therefore your hard work, your commitment, your history is important to our future generations for them to know you, remember you, and be encouraged to follow in your footsteps! It started generations ago and little has been done to recognize those who have gone before us. But it is not too late to do so!  With your help we can bring to light those in your family who have made a difference in Duluth.  Because people are what Duluth is all about, we want to include each one of you.  - see full information on the Duluth History Brick Program and downloadable forms Here.



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the community garden has begun - get involved

Contact Garden Administrator  comgarden@duluthhistorical.org

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President's Letter

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New Museum Phone Number: 404-565-4801


The Mission Statement:

Recognize the value of our people's rich heritage. It is important to understand who we were, who we are, and who we are yet to become. We are doing this by informing the public of the city's history, "then and Now", sponsoring programs and promoting pride in Duluth's history and traditions.


our motto

Preserving our history, Recording the present and Reaching for the future




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