Historic Information About the Strickland House

Location: 2956 Buford Highway, Duluth, GA
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Completed in 1898 by Henry Strickland Jr. and his wife Alice Harrell Strickland.  Henry was a young lawyer and business man and Alice a traditional plantation lady.

They raised 7 children in that home, all of whom were college graduates.

Alice continued to live in the home after Henry’s death and continued to be very involved in her family, church and town.  She was president of the Civic Club, ran for and was elected Mayor of Duluth.  She was the first women to do so in the State of Georgia.  Quite an achievement for a widow at age 62, a year after women gained the right to vote.

Her home served as the first medical facility, where tonsillectomies were performed and prenatal clinics were held.
Also an ardent conservationist, she donated land for the first community forest in Georgia thereby creating the first of its kind “Green Space” for the children and succesive generations to come.

Honored by the American Forestry Guild in 1923, when a Birch tree was planted, on Mothers Day, in her name.
Alice Strickland has been written about and honored many times since her death in 1947, as a global thinking person, with determination and imagination far beyond her years.
In 1999 her century old home was put on the Georgia Register of Historical Places and a marker dedicated in her honor.  In 2002 she received the Georgia Women of Achievement Award.


Current Information

The legacy of Alice Harrell Strickland extends far beyond the City of Duluth, Gwinnett County, and the State of Georgia.  Women find strength and wisdom in those that forged a path for us to follow.
Alice Strickland’s family has resided in this home for 108 years and has kept it restrored beautifully. 
I have talked with Alice Ziegler and her son Bob Howard.  They both want this home, with 3 acres of property, containing over 40 varieties of trees, shrubs, and plants, to stay with a historic trust.
It is a hidden jewel with an invaluable potential to live on in perpetuity.


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Pictures of the Strickland House

May 1, 2009


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